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About Chef Irfan

Prepare for an exceptional culinary experience that goes beyond your typical Indian take-out, for this is Chef Irfan at Home. At the core of his culinary journey lies a deep connection to generations of cooking expertise, resulting in fine dining, authentic Indian cuisine.
Chef Irfan’s culinary odyssey has taken him from Delhi’s ITC to the bustling Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, and even to the prestigious Wembley Stadium. In Michelin-starred restaurants, he masterfully combines the artistry of French, European, and Indian culinary techniques to craft a menu that tantalizes the senses. What’s truly special is that he presents these delectable creations right at your dining table, promising a dining experience like no other.

Indian Chef: Private Dining in London

Indian Chef Irfan Khan, a distinguished figure in progressive Indian cuisine, has earned widespread acclaim thanks to his family’s culinary legacy that spans generations. 
He has held the prestigious position of Executive Chef at ‘Madhus’ Indian Restaurant within Heathrow Sheraton and served as the head chef for ‘Ragamama Regason,’ a prominent event company in Northolt.
Indian Chef Irfan Khan’s culinary journey commenced with his education in Delhi, India, and he made significant contributions to the culinary world. In 1999, 
He played a pivotal role in the opening team of ITC Saket in New Delhi, under the guidance of Chef Imtiyaz Qureshi. In 1995, he further honed his culinary skills as a key member of the opening team at Park Royal in Delhi, India.
His career continued to ascend as he became an Indian Chef at the Indian Habitat World Centre in New Delhi in 1997, where he was instrumental in launching six remarkable restaurants.
In 1996,Indian Chef Irfan Khan’s culinary expertise led him to the prestigious position of Chef de Partie at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India. His invaluable contributions were pivotal in the successful launch of three hotels: Tara, Sitara, and Samrat.
In 2001, he ventured to the UK, where he assumed the role of Chef de Partie at Jaipur Indian Restaurant in Milton Keynes, actively contributing to its triumphant opening. Subsequently, in 2002, he further elevated his career by becoming the Head Chef at Chula Restaurant in Hammersmith, London.
Chef Irfan’s culinary prowess continued to shine as he took on the role of Head Chef at the renowned Event Catering Company Ragamama in London. In 2010, he embraced the responsibilities of Food Controller at Wembley Stadium in London, overseeing the seamless operation of 40 to 50 kitchen units within the stadium.
In 2016, Indian Chef Irfan Khan’s culinary journey expanded internationally as he assumed the esteemed position of Head Chef at the International Club SOHO FARM HOUSE in Oxford, known for its French and European fine dining. 
His culinary excellence continued to flourish in 2019 when he was appointed as an Executive Chef and partner at Lucknow49 in Central London.
Finally, in the year 2020, Chef Irfan ventured into event planning and consulting, diversifying his career across various ventures.
Renowned as a celebrity Indian Chef, Irfan Khan has been privileged to cater to ultra-high-net-worth clients from around the world, consistently delivering extraordinary culinary experiences.
Particularly noteworthy are the multiple destination weddings he orchestrated recently, receiving praise from both clients and attendees. His popularity transcends borders, solidifying his status as a sought-after choice
for destination weddings and as a celebrated chef in the UK and worldwide.